The Quasi-Geostrophic Coupled Model (Q-GCM) has been developed jointly by National Oceanography Centre (UK), Florida State University (USA) and The Australian National University (Australia).

Q-GCM is a mid-latitude, basin scale coupled ocean-atmosphere model. The basic model consists of a quasi-geostrophic channel atmosphere coupled to a simple, rectangular quasi-geostrophic ocean. Heat and momentum exchanges between the ocean and the atmosphere are mediated via embedded mixed layer models, and the system is driven by latitudinal variations in incident solar radiation.

Latest Release of Q-GCM

Q-GCM is available for download under the GNU public license from our GitHub repository.

The latest release, version 1.5.0, was released in June 2014 - go to the download page for more information. The new version has been substantially modified, with numerous code improvements.

You can join the Q-GCM users group by sending an email request to q-gcm+subscribe@googlegroups.com.