Q-GCM Project

Decadal Variability of the Wind-Driven Gyres

Eddy-resolving quasigeostrophic simulations of wind-driven circulation in a large ocean basin produce ocean gyres. These gyres vary on decadal scales when eddies are explicitly included. The figure below shows the first 3 EOFs (colour scale) for ocean circulation with a mean flow shown by the black lines. The spectra on the bottom right shows a clear decadal signal for EOF 1. This mode represents a shifting and strengthening of the jet, and has been called the Turbulent Oscillator.

Relevant Publications

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A. McC. HOGG, W. K. DEWAR, P. D. KILLWORTH & J. R. BLUNDELL, (2006). Decadal variability of the midlatitude climate system driven by the ocean circulation. J. Climate, 19, 1149-1166. [On-line copy from J. Clim.]

P. BERLOFF, A. McC. HOGG & W. K. DEWAR, (2007). Dynamical mechanism of the generic low-frequency variability in wind-driven ocean gyres. J. Phys. Ocean., 37, 2363-2386. [Online copy from JPO]

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