Q-GCM Downloads

Q-GCM version 1.5.0
Version 1.5.0 released in June 2014.

Q-GCM v1.5.0 and sebsquent versions will now be hosted on GitHub repository in order to allow easier access to the code as well as enhancing the ability of the Q-GCM community to contribute to the project.

Several major changes have been made. Notably, the source code has been converted to a Fortran 90 style, in particular with f90 "Modules" replacing subroutines and "Common Blocks" for shared variables. Additionally, the Makefiles have been vastly simplified, with the inclusion of two subfiles (make.macro and make.config) used to compile the model. A new diagnostic subroutine (qocdiag.F) has been added to write the instantaneous rate of change of the potential vorticity to file. Finally, several bugs have been fixed and a number of tidying improvements have been made to the source code.

Download the Formulation and users' guide for Q-GCM (version 1.5.0).

Download availble from the GitHub repository

Q-GCM version 1.4.0
Version 1.4.0 was (finally) released on 4th July 2010. The primary changes has been the addition of the relative velocity wind stress scheme, along with some minor tinkering and improved example cases. Note that the directory structure has changed, and that FFTPACK and LAPACK/BLAS are now incldued within the src file. Matlab scripts for analysis are also included.

Download the Formulation and users' guide for Q-GCM (version 1.4.0).

Download Q-GCM V1.4.0

Additional large netcdf files for restart and for forcing ocean only cases are also available:

Forcing file for ocean-only Southern Ocean case: avges.nc.

Restart file for standard Southern Ocean case: lastday.nc

Standard Southern Ocean Topography File: soctopog.26deg.10km.nc

Q-GCM version 1.3.1
Version 1.3.1 was released on 11th August 2005 (updated on 27 February 2006). The new version includes a number of minor improvements on v1.3 , such as cleaner application of preprocessor options, boundary integrals and diagnostics. Modified FFT routines from fftpack are also now available.

Formulation and users' guide for Q-GCM (version 1.3.1)


newbihar.tar.gz (FFT routines)

Q-GCM version 1.3
Version 1.3 has been released in time for Christmas 2004. The model can now run in both channel and box configurations, allowing realistic simulation of southern hemisphere midlatitude dynamics.

Formulation and users' guide for Q-GCM (version 1.3)


Q-GCM version 1.2
Version 1.2 has finally been released (22nd March, 2004). In this version we have altered the atmospheric radiation so that both ocean and atmosphere can run in N-layer configuration. We have expanded the diagnostics, included additional options for Laplacian viscosity in the ocean and added biharmonic diffusion of SST and AST. And it is now possible to include topography in both ocean and atmosphere.

Formulation and users' guide for Q-GCM (version 1.2)


Q-GCM version 1.1
Version 1.1 is now complete (released 18 June 2003). Improvements include an N-layer (rather than 2-layer) formulation for both the ocean and atmosphere (although radiation in the upper atmosphere is unfinished). In addition we have implemented parallel code using OpenMP and improved some of the diagnostics.

Formulation and users' guide for Q-GCM (version 1.1).


Q-GCM version 1.0
Version 1.0 of Q-GCM was released for public use on 16 March 2003. To use Q-GCM you will need to download the users' guide and the gzipped tar file containing the code and makefile:

Formulation and users' guide for Q-GCM (version 1.0).